Space Shooter X

An action packed shoot'em up (shmup or STG), "bullet hell" game for Windows Phone

Space Shooter X is a shoot’em up (shmup or STG) and an action pack “bullet hell” game where your mission is to shoot the enemy ships and win battles against big bad bosses and travel through the galaxy.

Inspired by Raiden, the old school Japanese shooters, there are tons of unique enemy ships and bosses, each equipped with specialized weaponry and ability.

While the game is easy to handle, you need more than fast reflexes to master the game. To survive in each level, you need to recognize attack patterns and use different power ups at appropriate time against the correct enemy.

Upgrade your ships with several levels of lasers, spread bullets, homing missiles, torpedoes, speed power and powerful bombs. The power ups stay with you until you die and you will accumulate more power as you collect the same power up.

The graphic is an exhilarating visual treat, with cool music and sound effects providing intense experience for hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. In addition, you can submit your core to both global leaderboard and you country leaderboard. So you know who’s the top players are in your country.

There are tips and how to strategies in the About/Help page where you can learn what each power up does, how to gain extra live for free and how to get full power- ups without having to wait for it to appear.

Get it now, you won’t find a better space shooter, asteroid, shmup, shoot’em up or bullet hell game in Windows Phone Store.

For the full change log, see the About/Help page.



Very nice graphic


Love this game


This is a fun game